What it’s been like without sports

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To be absolutely clear, COVID-19 is foremost a health crisis. The stoppage in sports was a casualty of that, and any attempts to resume play will include proper safety protocols, as they should. My comments are just a reflection of what it was like for a fan during the sports shutdown.

Honestly? I expected to miss the Flyers, Sixers and Phillies more than I did. Maybe that was because I knew eventually they’d return, even if when was an open question. Now the NBA is set to resume an eight-game regular season July 31, with 22 teams, and then begin playoffs.

And the NHL adopted a 24-club playoff with the top four squads in each conference getting byes. The Flyers sit fourth in the East, and can move up to the top seed during a round robin with the Bruins, Lightning and Capitals. They’re already earned a first-round bye.

But not having sports made me realize how much of my TV viewing revolved around that. Even if I concentrated on something else, I almost always had some game on in the background. It’s wasn’t necessarily a Philadelphia team playing, either. I regularly watched hockey on NHL Network or NBCSN. Same with basketball on ESPN or TNT.

So I hardly ever have the TV on in the evenings anymore, unless it’s PBS or the news. Sometimes I work (I’m now freelancing after being laid off). Often, I read an e-book from Lancaster Public Library, a wonderful resource I discovered when the library downtown closed because of COVID-19.

I developed a routine without sports, and it’s actually OK. That doesn’t mean I won’t care when the teams I love return. I will. A lot. But losing sports wasn’t as hard to adjust to as I thought it would be.

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