The Wentz problem


I read an article today in The Athletic about what the Colts should do about Carson Wentz. In a nutshell, the choices were to give him the job again in 2022, release him or try to trade him. There was a detailed discussion about Wentz’s contract, because cutting him would cause a salary cap hit.

It was funny perusing the comments, because some Indianapolis fans accused Eagles fans of obsessing over Wentz.

My interest in watching how Wentz did this year was to see if the Birds ended up with the Colts’ first-round draft pick. They did, because Wentz played 75% of his team’s snaps.

But I was also curious, after Wentz face-planted against the Jaguars, what the press reaction would be.

Because the same issues that plagued Wentz at the end of this season are all too familiar to Eagles fans. And his most recent demise was precipitous because Indianapolis looked like a Super Bowl contender just a few weeks ago.

But now they’re sitting at home wondering what might have been while Philadelphia – amazingly – prepares for a postseason game against Tom Brady and the Super Bowl champion Buccaneers.

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