The Phillies are a mess

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When the Phils signed Kyle Schwarber and Nick Castellanos, it was clear that defense wasn’t going to be a priority. I was fine with the moves, because they should’ve really boosted the offense.  Besides, the defense couldn’t possibly be worse than last season, right? And Castellanos was going to be the DH, so his awful fielding wouldn’t be a factor.

Oops. Bryce Harper is now the designated hitter for the foreseeable future due to an injured right elbow, and Castellanos is the everyday right fielder.

Harper’s injury is a nightmare scenario, leaving the team with the two worst players in baseball – Alec Bohm and Castellanos – in terms of defensive runs saved.

I don’t know what to do about third baseman Bohm. He doesn’t hit for enough power to even come close to making up for his horrible defense. And if the Phils decided to change his position, where would he go? He doesn’t hit for enough power to play first base, either.

If Joe Girardi decided to put the best possible defensive lineup out there, he would play Johan Camargo regularly at third. The difference would be like night and day. But that won’t happen because the team doesn’t want to give up on Bohm.

The defense is so bad the Phillies’ starting pitchers have a total WAR (wins above replacement) near the top while their ERA is only in the middle.

So basically, Zach Wheeler and Aaron Nola would probably be perennial Cy Young Award candidates behind a halfway competent defense.

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