NFL draft an oasis in a sports desert

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The NFL draft, which starts a week from today, will be the first major sporting “event” in many weeks. Everything will be done remotely, so there won’t any draftees walking on stage as the announcement is made to get a handshake and pose for photos (holding the team’s jersey) with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. But this hasn’t stopped the speculation about who will go where. That hasn’t abated. The interest is probably greater, actually, as the draft is not competing with anything else – MLB, NHL or NBA – right now. The draft is the only sports game in town at the moment (OK, it’s not a game, but the cliche fits). For fans, looking at the evolving mock drafts and reading about their team’s possible strategy is a way to feel “normal.” It reminds us that pro football will be back, as clubs are going about their business evaluating college players. We don’t know how different our post-COVID-19 world will be, but the sports we love – when they resume – should be something we can latch on to as we try to get our footing.

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