Farewell, Carson Wentz

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I can’t quite figure out what I think about the Carson Wentz trade because I’m still trying to determine how everything went south so quickly.

Were his relationships with coaches, management or teammates a problem before he was benched for Jalen Hurts last season? Was it the drafting of Hurts that did it? But the Eagles had already signed Wentz to an extension, so why would that matter?

We know nothing about anything of this because Wentz doesn’t tell us directly. We have to hear from sources close to him, and they aren’t saying much.

That’s one of my biggest disappointments. When Malcolm Jenkins had an issue with the team, you knew about it because he was up front about it. Not so with Wentz. He has every right to handle this as he chooses but it’s like he skipped out of town under cover of night.

And, yes, I read Wentz’s Instagram post to Philadelphia after the trade. It was fine; I guess I was expecting something different.

Wait a year to for better opportunity find ‘franchise’ QB

As for the post-trade Birds, I’d like the No. 6 overall pick to be used for LSU wide receiver J’Marr Chase or Alabama WR DeVonta Smith. Or maybe Florida tight end Kyle Pitts. No quarterbacks, please, unless it’s Trevor Lawrence.

See what Hurts can do for a season.

If the Eagles finish with a poor record again, which is likely, take the potential first-rounder from the Colts in the Wentz deal and combine that with their own pick. Turn that into the new “quarterback of the future.”

  • Brian W. Kreider

    Interesting how the two top QBs in the draft that year (per the press) Wentz and Goff lasted about the same time.

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