Can Jalen Hurts be the answer?

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To answer the headline question, I have no idea at this point. I think pretty much everyone would agree that it’s much too early to make any predictions about Hurts’ future.

But he looked awfully good last Sunday against the Saints. And, if not for that kind of scary fumble at the end, Hurts’ play was practically perfect. He wasn’t sacked once, and only had that one late turnover. His decision making was quite good throughout the game, and I loved his poise and leadership.

I was wondering why the former Alabama and Oklahoma QB wasn’t ranked higher on draft boards, given his skill set, and then I read it was because of his arm strength. Hurts apparently has trouble with sideline-to-sideline throws, even if he’s fine with deep ones. Maybe he can work on that?

If nothing else, he showed how effective quarterback play changes everything. The offensive line looks better, the running game benefits, it puts less burden on the defense, and the head coach suddenly seems smarter.

It’s clear now that the switch to Hurt from Carson Wentz should’ve come weeks earlier.

Questions, questions, questions

So if Hurts continues to perform well the last three games of the season, what happens next year?

Is there a quarterback battle for the starting job? Is Wentz installed as the starter again because he has an enormous contract? Or is he traded? Is four games nearly to enough to know if Hurts can be the long-term starter?

I’m still curious as to why the Eagles drafted Hurts in the second round. You don’t take a QB in round 2 to be a backup. Did the coaching staff and front office select Hurts as a security blanket if Wentz got hurt again? Of course, that’s not something they would admit.

Whatever reason it was, Hurts took advantage of the opportunity to make a great first impression. Let’s see if he builds upon that.

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