Brace yourselves, Phillies fans: J.T. Realmuto is probably gone

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As each day passes without news on the J.T. Realmuto contract front, I’m more pessimistic. And then there was the comment from general manager Matt Klentak, who threw a wet rag on any optimism I may have had. Klentak acted as though two seasons of Realmuto was worth giving up a potential ace in Sixto Sanchez.

Um, no. When the deal was made, I and many other fans expected Klentak to sign Realmuto to an extension. The front office should have gotten that out of the way last year. Now the Phillies are apparently reluctant to spend on another big contract because of COVID-19 revenue losses. To screw up something like this is inexcusable.

Now Realmuto is likely to end up signing with the division rival Mets and torment the Phils for the next half-dozen years.

Where to go from here

If that’s the reality, nothing can change it. What the Phillies can do (I hope with a new GM and a new president of baseball operations) is use the money coming off the books for Jake Arrieta and David Robertson, and what they would pay Realmuto, to fix their gaping holes.

Find a veteran catcher for a year or two till Rafael Marchan is ready, re-sign Didi Gregorius, sign a veteran starting pitcher or two, and sign at least three bullpen guys. One should be a closer.

I think the offense will be fine, built around Bryce Harper, Alec Bohm, Rhys Hoskins and Gregorius.

P.S. A previous post on here picked on Jean Segura and the trade with the Mariners that cost the Phillies J.P. Crawford. There’s still the contract disparity between Segura, a veteran, and Crawford, but Segura has been playing much better of late and Crawford has slumped. On a club with poor defense (a major disappointment), Segura also has been a bright spot in the field.

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  • jnlefevre

    Agree wholeheartedly Paula, to lose the best catcher in the major league while giving up a potential Cy Young pitcher is as disturbing as it gets…even for the Phillies!

  • pywolf

    Yes, it’s pretty depressing situation for a fan!

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