Are our expectations for the Eagles unrealistic?

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When the Eagles won Super Bowl LII, the front office and everyone on down talked about this becoming the norm. In other words, the club would be a championship contender annually, like the Bill Belichick-led Patriots.

It was an ambitious goal, but after the team brought home the franchise’s first Lombardi Trophy, why not aim for the stars?

The Birds managed to make the playoffs the next two seasons with 9-7 records, requiring furious finishes to get in. However, those postseasons ended before the Eagles could get to the NFC Championship Game.

This year, after a horrendous loss to Washington in the first week of the season, the squad is the subject of ire from a disillusioned and angry fan base.

Where are the young stars?

There’s really no excuse for dropping that game, even with all the injuries. But are the Eagles really that good? Were they really a Super Bowl contender going into a season where two of their starting offensive linemen, including Pro Bowler Brandon Brooks, were already out for the year?

The problem is, the Birds aren’t drafting well enough and smart enough. Jason Kelce, Lane Johnson, Fletcher Cox and Brandon Graham aren’t going to be around forever.

To stay a legitimate contender, you need new, young players to keep refreshing the roster. How many early picks have the Eagles wasted on players like Sidney Jones, a 2017 second rounder who’s no longer on the team? The only young studs I can think of are running back Miles Sanders and tight end Dallas Goedert.

What young guys does the defense have? Anyone? I’m waiting.

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